Of all the things to call Hannity, CNN journalist really missed the target – and the Fox News host fired back!

The battle of the cable networks is heating up.

CNN’s Brian Stetler eviscerated Fox News’ Sean Hannity for not questioning Donald Trump’s claim that the 2016 presidential election was being “rigged,” even calling Hannity “unpatriotic.”

Hannity responded by asking the CNN correspondent if he does any prep before going on the air.

The dust-up began when Stetler took strong exception to a claim by the GOP nominee that the election may be “rigged.”

“This is a really troubling first for a presidential candidate. [Trump’s] saying he’s worried the election in November is going to be rigged against him,” Stetler said on Sunday’s “Reliable Sources,”

He drew Hannity into the fray by running a clip of a recent Trump appearance as an example of “how not to interview a candidate.”

In fact, Stetler pointed his finger at both Hannity and Bill O’Reilly, saying they “failed their audiences this week” by not questioning Trump’s claim that the election “is going to be rigged.”

“If there were ever a time to challenge a candidate, that’s the time!” he exclaimed. “Don’t feed me baloney about Hannity’s show being only an hour-long and that he might have run out of time. This interview was on tape.”

Stetler then lectured Hannity about having “an obligation to probe further and push back when a candidate says something dangerous.”

“Suggesting an election is going to be stolen? This is third world dictatorship stuff,” he said before going on to accuse Hannity of “being conspiratorial” by giving credence to Trump’s assertion.

“Hannity is not a journalist,” Stetler declared. “But he has a megaphone and he’s using his megaphone irresponsibly.”

Hannity fired back on Twitter, repeating some of the same stats that drew Stetler’s ire in the first place:

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