These nice black pastors want to endorse Trump, so CNN’s host has to smear them with ‘Judas’ reference

You would be hard pressed to find a more biased anchor on cable news than CNN’s Carol Costello and her liberal leanings could not have been more obvious than in an interview with a pastor of a predominantly black North Carolina church that’s endorsing Donald Trump.

Using words scraped from social media, Costello, in effect, likened the black church leader to Judas for holding an event to endorse the GOP nominee.

The CNN anchor told Antioch Road to Glory International Ministries Pastor Thomas Rodgers that “some African-Americans are upset that you’re having this event in support of Mr. Trump.

She then read a stinging critique of Trump from the church’s Facebook page:

“Trump is a racist, misogynistic narcissus who has never and will never care about black people are any people of color, or even poor white people. He only cares about himself and maybe his family. He’s even indicated his desire to date his own daughter.”


Costello paused long enough to lay cover for herself, saying: “Which is a low blow, I’ll admit.”

Ya’ think?

She then finished reading the critique, which went on to reference 30 pieces of silver, the price paid to Judas for betraying Jesus Christ:

“I don’t know how much he’s paying you or your church for your endorsement, but whatever it is, it’s equal to 30 pieces of silver.”


The pastor responded by saying the black community “must point fingers at ourselves, not Mr. Trump,” explaining that they’re “suffering catastrophically” because of their own actions that have undermined the family structure.

As to the charge that they are being compensate for the endorsement, the pastor’s daughter, Katrina Rodgers, said they reached out to the Trump campaign, not vice versus.

“There was absolutely no exchange of funds, no favors given,” she said.

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