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Donald Trump hires the marketing firm behind ‘Brexit’ victory

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Donald Trump is pulling out all the stops in his bid for the White House. He’s hired the firm behind Great Britain’s “Brexit” victory, hoping for a second win for them, and a big win for the Republican presidential nominee.

Cambridge Analytica was behind the victorious vote that stunned the world and resulted in Great Britain splitting from the European Union.

The firm “went after first-time voters and those who felt left out of the political process, the kinds of people that Trump was successful bringing to the polls in primary elections,” according to the Daily Beast.

The marketing firm specializes in targeting the electorate’s unconscious psychological biases in order to win over voters and get donors to open their wallets, The Wrap reported.

The move toward a data-driven campaign — an idea that Trump labeled as “overrated” as recently as May — is another about-face for Trump’s campaign. It comes after Trump reversed himself by endorsing Speaker of the House Paul Ryan on Friday after hinting that he wouldn’t.

As of December 2015, Cambridge Analytica collected about 5,000 data points on over 220 million Americans that were originally used during Cruz’s campaign — which according to The Guardian coat $6.7 million.

The London-based company set up approximately ten data scientists within Giles-Parscale, the Texas-based firm that runs Trump’s website. The cost was about $1.6 million


This isn’t Cambridge Analytica’s first foray into American politics. It also worked on the campaigns of former Republican presidential hopefuls Ted Cruz and Ben Carson.


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