Actor James Woods: ‘What’s the Vegas line on Julian Assange actually staying alive until the election?’

After the damage that Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks has done to Hillary Clinton and her campaign, actor James Woods has a burning question he posed to his followers on social media Saturday night.

Although Assange refuted claims that he was personally going after the former secretary of state and is merely seeking the truth, the effect is all the same, putting the Clinton camp in a constant state of damage control.

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Then factor in the dozens of individuals close to or perceived enemies of the Clintons who lost their lives under what some say are questionable circumstances, and you’ve put into play a set of circumstances that would make any bookmaker reach for his calculator.

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Many thought the chances were good that Assange would be lying on a coroner’s slab before November 8.

One person questioned how an assassination would even be possible given that Assange has sequestered himself from the public. The answer soon came.

At least one thought that given all the information Assange has provided, it’s up to thre public to take care od the WikiLeaks editor-in-chief.

Finally there was this observation.

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