Wa-Po stops pretending it’s not a Hillary shill; now investigating ‘just how big are Trumps’ hands?’

The Washington Post no longer is trying to hide its bias against GOP nominee Donald Trump.

Instead of reporting on the ongoing Democratic National Committee leaks scandal or Hillary Clinton‘s email scandal, the Washington Post decided they would dedicate time towards a real scandal: Just how big are Trumps’ hands?

The liberal-leaning publication picked up a story from the Hollywood Reporter, where a journalist investigated Trump’s hands and found that he’s in the 15th percentile when it comes to size.

That means 85 percent of all American men have bigger hands than Trump as well.

The measurement come from Madame Tussauds was museum in New York, where artists took impressions of Trump’s body, including the now-famous hands for their collection, the Hollywood Reporter said.

As the story started to make the rounds, reporters from the Wall Street Journal to the Huffington Post started touting it on social media. 

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