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Paul Ryan’s challenger digs in before election: No room for Sharia compliant Muslims

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U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan’s primary opponent thinks America has to have a “conversation” about deporting all Muslims.

Republican Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen told “Chicago’s Morning Answer” on Monday that he agrees with Newt Gingrich’s idea that Muslims in the U.S. ought to be subject to a religious test to see if they support Sharia law.

But he also said Muslims lie, which would mean that it would be tough to vet them via his test.

“Islam is the only major religion that encourages lying,” he said. “The taqiyya says you have to lie to the infidel, you lie to them if you have to… I mean if they lie, how do you vet something like that?”

“So then how do you implement the test that you want to implement?” host Dan Proft countered.

“The question is, why do we have Muslims in the country?” Nehlen replied. “How can you possibly vet somebody who lies?”

“So are you suggesting that we deport all of the Muslims in the country?” Proft said.

“I’m suggesting we have a discussion about it, that’s for sure,” Nehlen responded.

A stunned Proft asked Nehlen is he saw any constitutional issues with deporting Muslims for the “thought crime” of supporting Sharia.

“Well if somebody supports Sharia, that is doing something wrong,” he said.

Carmine Sabia


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