Comedian Bill Burr shares funniest ‘f***ing thing’ that would happen in Hollywood if Trump wins

Comedian Bill Burr launched an F-bomb laced rant on Hollywood endorsements of political candidates, and predicted what would happen to the motion picture capital of the world in the event of a Donald Trump victory.

Caution for language.

It’s no secret that Hollywood has rolled out a red carpet of endorsements for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton — just as they did for President Obama during both of his campaigns for the White House.

“You know what I’m really getting f***ing tired of?” he asked his listeners in his “Monday Morning Podcast” this week.

“The funniest f***ing thing to me, and I’m not gonna’ name any names. I love when celebrities tell me who to vote for,” he said and then laughed. “It’s the stupidest f***ing thing ever.”

Burr claimed to be a fan of nether major presidential candidate, because “Hillary is a criminal and Trump is a dope.” He nonetheless was looking forward to a Donald Trump win.

“I don’t want to see Trump win, okay? But I’ve got to tell you something, just living in Hollywood, how f***ing terrified they are he’s going to win, it’s worth it,” he said.

“If Trump wins, there’s no place in the world you’d rather be than in Hollywood. Just listen to them f***ing lose their minds.”

A growing lost of Hollywood entertainers have announced that they’d leave the United States in the event of a Trump victory.

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H/T: Independent Journal Review


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