‘Stupidiest f***ing thing ever!’ Comedian mocks Hillary’s celebrity endorsements during Dem convention

Comedian and Netflix star Bill Burr is putting Hillary Clinton and her celebrity endorsers on blast, calling their collaboration at the Democratic National Convention the “stupidest f*cking thing ever.”

On his latest podcast called “Monday Morning Podcast,” Burr went off on Clinton and celebrities for telling him and the public how to vote on election day.

“The funniest f**king thing to me, I love when celebrities tell me who to vote for,” Burr, who stars in the Netflix original comedy ‘F is for Family,’ said. “It’s the stupidest f*cking thing ever.

“The human being in me, I don’t want to see Trump win,” Burr said. “But I’ve got to tell you something, just living in Hollywood, how f*cking terrified they are he’s going to win, it’s worth it. If Trump wins, there’s no place in the world you’d rather be than in Hollywood. Just listen to them f*cking lose their minds.

“There’s enough people that f*cking hate Hillary because they hate Bill Clinton. You’ve also got sexist people who won’t vote for a woman. And you’ve  got women who will vote for her just because she’s a woman. Maybe they’ll cancel each other out,” Burr said.

“I want to say he’s a f*cking dope. I mean the guy is a f*cking billionaire, right? Is it, though? I don’t know, he says he is. I can’t figure this guy out,” Burr said of Trump.

“I just can’t believe these are my two choices,” Burr said as he laughed off the election.

“There’s no f*cking way I’m voting for Trump, but there’s no way I’m voting for someone with 15 felonies either,” Burr said.

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h/t: Breitbart News

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