Rush Limbaugh makes big prediction about what WikiLeaks may be about to drop on Benghazi

Rush Limbaugh is making a big prediction about what could be coming in the next batch of email leaks from WikiLeaks, saying the leak could expose what was really behind the Benghazi, Libya, terrorist attack.

Limbaugh said on his radio show Tuesday that the emails about to be dropped by Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, could expose Hillary Clinton’s plan for the Benghazi consulate at the time during her tenure for secretary of state.

Check out his prediction:

And speaking of Benghazi, why [were] we really there? Was it to facilitate a gun-running operation to the rebels in Syria?

WikiLeaks claims they’ve got thousands more emails they’re going to release, and Julian Assange is alluding to the possibility that some of these emails are going to confirm that what the annex in Benghazi was all about was to serve as a mid-point for gun-running operations, and that that’s what Ambassador Stevens’ job there really was.

According to Limbaugh, the gun-running scheme would make sense. He said it would confirm “earlier rumors” about Benghazi and validate questions where he said “nobody could figure out why we toppled Gadhafi,” referring to the Obama administration’s and Clinton’s intervention in Libya.

Pointing out that following Clinton’s intervention in Libya and the toppling of strongman Moammar Gadhafi, Limbaugh started asking a number of questions that have yet to be answered.

So why go [to Benghazi]? What in the world — there was no diplomatic reason to have an annex there, much less an embassy.

The embassy is in [Tripoli], so why have an annex over in Benghazi for?

It is a hellhole. It literally is a trash dump. A CIA annex, why do this?

Well, people have been putting two and two together for a long time.


Limbaugh said if this is the case and Clinton was involved, granting the Wikileaks emails prove it to be true, he’s expecting a massive shift in the general election campaign between Clinton and GOP nominee Donald Trump.

But if if there is it forthcoming email documentation that that’s really what was going on in Benghazi, and Hillary Clinton was secretary of state while it was happening, and then you throw all these other lies in, what happened there. Four Americans dead to preserve gun-running operation, not a State Department diplomatic mission … This could change the tone of this campaign dramatically.

In more personal news, Limbaugh shared a big announcement about his career in radio on Tuesday. You can read about his decision here.


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