Former Bernie spokesman says the exact thing Hillary doesn’t want to be exposed about election – ouch!

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ former campaign manager is not as helpful at propping up Hillary Clinton, as the defeated candidate himself has been since his exit.

Jeff Weaver said Democrats far too often brush off GOP nominee Donald Trump as not being a threat, but in an interview with POLITICO, he warned to do so would be a mistake.

“I certainly think she can win, yes,” Weaver said of Clinton. “But it’s going to be much closer than many people think.”

“I think some people on the Democratic side who think that, you know, Trump is such a buffoon that it’s already won — but I think he’s a very dangerous opponent and I think he certainly has the ability to win as well,” Weaver said. He admitted that Trump has a shot.

Sanders was never interested in a vice presidential position with Clinton, Weaver said, but added  that a Clinton-Kaine ticket will not be as effective when trying to pry away at Trump’s base of voters.

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