‘It’s anarchy!’ Eric Trump goes after Hillary’s foreign policy like he’s never done before

Eric Trump is going after Hillary Clinton’s record on foreign policy that is bound to leave a bruise as her campaign fends off the narrative that she left the world more dangerous following her stint as secretary of state.

The son of GOP nominee Donald Trump told a local Ohio television station that Clinton’s foreign policy had aided in moving the world towards anarchy.

“It’s anarchy, it’s anarchy,” said the younger Trump. “And quite frankly, Hillary’s policies created so much of this.”

“It’s her foreign policy that caused the destabilization in the Middle East,” he said before briefly touching on Army Capt. Humayun Khan, whose parents have been campaigning for Clinton.

“Syria’s a disaster, Libya is a total disaster, Iraq is a breeding ground for terrorists,” Trump said. “And all the while we spent trillions and trillions of dollars of our taxpayer’s dollars, it costs us thousands and thousands of lives, Khan obviously being one of them, all because of reckless foreign policy in places that we shouldn’t have been in.”

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