October surprise coming! WikiLeaks’ Assange promises, ‘we have more material’ on Hillary Clinton

The U.S. presidential election could be in for a real October surprise.

In an interview Friday with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange confirmed that he has more material on Hillary Clinton and let it be known that he’s not likely to sit on the information.

“We have more material related to the Hillary Clinton campaign. It is correct to say that,” Assange told Cooper. “You have to be very precise in reporting my statement.”

“Those are extremely interesting,” he added. “We will see what will come of them.”

And while he has called Clinton a “war hawk with bad judgement who gets an unseemly emotional rush out of killing people,” Assange told Cooper he does not have a personal animus toward Clinton and is not trying to harm her.

But he did acknowledge that the release of Democratic National Committee emails was timed to coincide with the party’s convention when asked about interfering in U.S. elections.

“That’s when we knew there would be maximum interest by readers,” Assange told Cooper. “But also, we have a responsibility to. If we published after, you can just imagine how outraged the Democratic voting population would have been.”

And with that, an October surprise is all but guaranteed.

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Tom Tillison


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