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NY Post publishes X-rated photos of Melania Trump–then Obama’s mom is brought into it

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WARNING: This post contains outright nudity. 

The New York Post thought it had something hot on its hands when it published photos of Melania Trump posing nude for a now-defunct French men’s magazine.

But in answer to the Post’s headline, “Menalia Trump like you’ve never seen her before,” someone came up with something better — photos of President Obama’s own mother posing in her birthday suit.

The photos of Trump’s future spouse were taken long before the two had even met. Nonetheless The Post wrote, “Donald Trump thinks his wife will be a model first lady — and here’s the proof,” and promoted the piece on Twitter.

But a Twitter user with the handle “Maximus Overdrive” basically said, “You ain’t seen nothing yet” in this tweet:

And that one was followed in short order by this.

The spread prompted several objections, including this one suggesting that The Post run objectionable photos of Hillary Clinton.

Ask and you shall receive. The Post piece led inevitably to a bit of Photoshopping of Trump’s Democratic rival for the White House.

Italian comedian Fred Rubino hilariously ranted, after Trump’s gorgeous wife spoke at the Republican National Convention this month, that he didn’t care who won the presidency as long as we can keep looking at Melania on a daily basis. This should make him happy for a while. If you missed that pearl-clutching bit, you can catch it here.

OK everyone, you’ve had your fun. Could we please get back to the issues?


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