A day after the Koch brothers refused to meet, Trump says HE turned down a meeting with THEM!

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On Friday, it was the Koch brothers turning down efforts from Trump donors to arrange a meeting with the Republican nominee, even though both were in the same town.

The next day, Trump himself tweeted that he turned down a meeting with the Republican megadonors:

So, did the Koch brothers change their minds and request a Saturday meeting with Trump which he, snubbed too many times, ended up declining? Some people have their doubts.


Who really turned down whom, and when? Unless there is some sort of concrete proof by the Trump camp or an admission by the Kochs that they changed their minds and wanted a meeting (unlikely even if true), we may never really know. And it gets even more murky when you consider that most of these high-profile meetings are arranged through surrogates and back channels.

Of course, the logic is sound. Either way, Trump’s voter base will appreciate the fact that he is nobody’s fool. Donald Trump may be a lot of things, but he is no pushover and he is NOT beholden to special interests.

In the long run, even without Koch money, that’s a good thing.

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Scott Morefield

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Scott Morefield


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