Media completely invents GOP ‘anger’ over Bradley Cooper’s appearance at DNC

DC-NEWS 300X71By Rachel Stoltzfoos, DCNF

Several media outlets invented out of Twitter whole cloth the story that Republicans are upset Bradley Cooper, who played Chris Kyle in “American Sniper,” is attending the Democratic National Convention.

Mediaite, the Huffington Post and The Daily Beast all ran the exact same three tweets as the entire basis of their stories. The Beast appears to have led the way early Thursday morning with the headline: “Republicans Are Very Upset That ‘American Sniper’ Star Bradley Cooper Is at the DNC,” although the post offers no hard evidence that even a single registered Republican is upset or even noticed Cooper.

“Republicans Are Having A Meltdown Over Bradley Cooper’s Presence At The DNC,” The Huffington Post chimed in Thursday afternoon. And Mediaite quickly joined in: “Conservatives Are Angry Because Bradley Cooper is Not Chris Kyle.”

All three outlets gleefully report that “Republicans” and “Conservatives” saw Cooper in attendance at the DNC and were upset to learn their beloved American Sniper hero is a Democrat. Here are the three tweets they offer as evidence.

David O’Neill joined Twitter in 2015 and has 3,985 followers. His profile contains a Bible verse reference and the hashtag “NeverTrump,” indicating he holds the same view on Trump as half the country.

Nat Shupe is from Las Vegas, Nevada and is a self-described “gym rat” and “constitutional conservatarian,” indicating he probably doesn’t vote Republican. He is a Braves fan and has 105,000 followers.

The third tweet is a screenshot from an unidentified account in Los Angeles posted by a Jamaican American liberal who loves Maya Angelou. Just to really hammer their point home though, all three outlets make sure to include a few more tweets from other liberals also making fun of this so-called “meltdown.”

USA Today also joined in the fun. And also ran the same headline Thursday. “Newsflash, America: Bradley Cooper is not Chris Kyle. He just plays him on television in a movie,” Geoff Herbert wrote for the New York outlet. Both outlets recycled essentially the same list of tweets.

Nothing wrong with a good Twitter compilation story, but come on.

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