Stephen King gets burned to a crisp after he tries to torch Trump on Twitter

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CNN’s Wolf Blitzer caught celebrating with wine & dance after Hillary’s speech, but at least there’s no bias

“Breathtakingly shameless.”

Did Bill Clinton doze off during his wife’s historic speech? Sure looks like it!

Turns out, you weren’t the only one.

Rep. John Lewis fawns over Hillary in interview. That’s when Bernie supporters start shouting obscenities

Someone pass the popcorn!

‘Disgraceful’ BLM activists shout down moment of silence for fallen officers at DNC

“What did you expect?”

VA spends $670K on two art sculptures for center for BLIND vets. Yeah, it gets worse…

How can anyone look at this and want BIGGER government?

Drool alert! Andrea Mitchell slobbers all over herself comparing Barack Obama to Abraham Lincoln

Warning: This is hard to stomach.

Megyn Kelly gives ‘tingles’ new meaning and absolutely gushes over Hillary’s womanhood

All that was left to say was that she got a thrill up her leg.

Trump’s had it with Hillary’s ‘fantasy world’; unleashes torrent of tweets steeped in stinging reality

Oh yeah, Donald Trump was watching her speech.

What went down at DNC when cameras were off is the stuff Orwellian nightmares are made of

“Let the Hunger Games begin.”

Even Hillary’s campaign manager admits one damning thing about her …

She’s doomed.

Sheriff David Clarke goes full-on comedian — points out something ‘ominous’ about Hillary’s outfit