Trump Campaign releases attack ad against Sanders. The question is WHY?

Secret strategy?

Jan Brewer SHREDS Hillary Clinton’s gender politics to smithereens with 2 sentences

“Imagine that… standing for something besides a chromosome.”

Black Trump supporter hailed as hero when he FIGHTS to save American flag from being torched

“You cannot have my flag, commies!”

Undercover James O’Keefe walks through Bernie crowd as Hillary supporter — is lucky to make it out!

Not exactly peacemakers.

Google shovels another load as it explains why Trump was left out of ‘presidential candidate’ search

Donald Trump was named the Republican nominee last week, but a Google search earlier this week for presidential candidates did not include his name. Searching Google for the […]

Trump explains very visceral reaction to watching insults fly at DNC – and Libs are going to freak

“You know what I wanted to do…”

Street vendors selling Hillary swag complain she’s bad for business – where’s the enthusiasm?

She’s already hurting the economy.

Hillary campaign laughs off not having a presser in over 230 days, then has nerve to get defensive

Can you imagine the arrogance if she actually became president?

Pickpocket targets group of bikini-clad women, soon finds out that was a BIG mistake

The creep probably thought they were more vulnerable, boy was he wrong.

Who Hillary chose to create her ‘life video’ will make you spit whatever you’re drinking all over your screen


Meanwhile, Obama administration attacks Israel over construction of Jerusalem settlements. Again.

Once again, the Obama administration is sticking its nose into the affairs of another country, while our own continues to decline into decay. The administration deplored reports […]

Trump powerfully responds to horrific San Diego cop slaying, while Hillary remains silent

The contrast is stunning.

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