Students’ reaction to a uniformed soldier on a flight goes viral, brings other passengers to tears

For those of you who didn’t think high school students had any feel for patriotism anymore comes this heartwarming story of a high school choir spontaneously breaking out into the song “Battle Hymn of the Republic” as a uniformed soldier escorted the remains of a once lost WWII soldier off a flight from Germany.

The incident happened as a flight from Germany landed in Atlanta on July 18. The students had learned that the uniformed U.S. soldier was escorting from the plane the remains of a soldier who died during WWII. As the soldier prepared to leave the cabin, the students who were part of the Iowa Ambassadors of Music Choir broke out into song to serenade the soldier on his solemn duty.

The stirring musical serenade was filmed by Diane Cupp. The passenger posted the video on Facebook, calling it “a beautiful act.”

“On our flight from Germany there was an Army private in uniform that so happen to be escorting the remains of a WWII Soldier back home to Houston,” Cupp wrote.

“The pilot announced he would be exiting the plane first, as he got up to leave there were a group of young people who had been on tour in Europe all of a sudden they broke out singing Glory Hallelujah,” she added.

“Listen how beautiful!! Will bring a tear to your eye,” Cupp concluded.

Happily, the video has gone viral and so far has counted more than 130,000 views.


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