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Obama’s half-brother spills more beans on why he’s supporting Trump – and it’s delicious

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Malik Obama expanded on his decision to support Donald Trump for president, and even offered some insight into his famous half-brother, President Barack Obama.

ITV clip via the Mirror.

During a live interview from Kenya on ITV’s “Good Morning, Britain,” Malik Obama told hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid that despite the promises of hope by his half-brother, he’ll be leaving something of a mess for the president who succeeds him.

“He was riding on the promise of hope. There was so much excitement and we thought he would do so many things,” he told the TV audience.

“But look at the Middle East right now. It’s a mess. People are being killed all over the place; Berlin, Florida, France, Brussels. And look at the situation in Iraq right now.”

He also indicated that his relationship with the president is strained to the point of needing to make an appointment in order to see him.

“I have to go through this woman and make a request, saying I would like to see him,” Malik Obama explained.

“Then I just have to wait. The last time I requested to see him was June 15th and I’ve only just got a response,” he added.

“And that’s how it usually works. It all depends on whether there’s an opening in his diary.”

He also confirmed an earlier report that he’ll be voting for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump against the backing of his half-brothers support for Hillary Clinton.

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“Something is going on with Hilary that I don’t like,” he explained. “Donald on the other hand, he speaks his mind and is straight forward.”

He added a reminder that minorities should vote Republican in most cases — not Democrat.

“And remember, the Republican party is the party of Abraham Lincoln – who freed slaves and freed the black man.”

Malik Obama is registered to vote in Maryland.

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