While Obama was hugging Hillary at DNC, just outside was absolute chaos …

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton joined President Barack Obama on stage following his speech at the Democratic National Convention Wednesday.

The two hugged and waved to the loudly cheering audience at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

Meanwhile, the scene outside of the arena was nothing short of chaos.

Protesters converged on the security fence around the Center and at one point were able to breach the gate. Several masked demonstrators were stopped by police and arrested by the  U.S. Secret Service, WPVI-TV reported.

“We told them, ‘it’s a Federal fence.’ They decided to do it and were taken into custody immediately,” Police Commissioner Richard Ross said. “I don’t understand why they did that.”

Other demonstrators burned flags, and one woman was reportedly injured when her clothes caught fire from a burning flag.

Protesters waved signs and chanted slogans, including “Black lives matter.”

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Frieda Powers


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