Watch what Geraldo does when someone dumps water on his head in the middle of rowdy BLM crowd at DNC

Geraldo Rivera is no stranger to rowdy confrontations, and he got just that from a Black Lives Matter group in front of the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday.

As the veteran TV journalist walked the streets of Philadelphia, the Fox News correspondent spoke calmly with some protesters and really ticked off some others.

“What was your experience with Black Lives Matter today?” Hannity asked.

“What happened to us covering the Black Lives Matter at City Hall was very aggressive,” Rivera said. “They came at us with an attitude ‘F you Fox News,’ this, that and the other thing.”

While one malcontent was scolding Rivera, telling him his reporting “hurts people,” another ne’er-do-well ran behind him and doused the reporter with a bottle of water.

Rivera spun around and started to go after the man when security grabbed him and moved him away as the crowd chanted “Shame! Shame! Shame!”

“You are not welcome here!” another yelled.

“They don’t know what they believe in, half of them,” Rivera said of the rabble-rousers. “They are just bullies… that don’t really care about free press.”

Carmine Sabia


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