Trump rebukes Megyn Kelly – is this polite enough for the haters?

Is “the feud” back on?

Republican nominee Donald Trump used Twitter on Tuesday to chastise Fox News’ Megyn Kelly to “get your facts straight.”

Kelly was discussing how each party’s candidate would battle terrorism with a panel when she said Trump is “talking about bombing the oilfields so that he can decimate ISIS’s money source.” A comment she would later reverse, according to Politico.

The Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes responded by saying “it’s hard to figure out exactly where Donald Trump is on a lot of these issues.”

“He’s been for ground troops to fight ISIS. He’s been against ground troops to fight ISIS,” Hayes added. “He uses expletives to describe what he’s going to do to ISIS, and I think that gives people a sense that he’s strong and would take the fight to them, but he hasn’t really detailed how.”

All of which raised Trump’s ire and he responded on social media, though his barb was a lot more toned down that what was seen at the height of his previous feud with Kelly:

Kelly has yet to respond to Trump’s remark, but is this a sign that the peace between the two is now on shaky ground? Stay tuned, there’s a long way to go until November.

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