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Long-winded grampa Bill Clinton puts America to sleep, Trump puts it into brilliant perspective with one tweet

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Former President Bill Clinton had one job when he took to the stage Tuesday night at the Democrat national convention. Make his wife, Hillary, look more like a president and less like a Disney evil queen.

He spoke about how they met, their marriage, her career in politics, parenthood, grandparenthood and everything else imaginable in a long-winded speech at the Democrat national convention Tuesday.

And viewers knew they were in trouble from the opening line.

But it seemed like he missed some stuff.

Besides the sheer length, other portions of the speech drew sarcasm from social media.

He said there are two versions of his wife. His and the Republicans who were trying to paint her as “a cartoon.”

“One is real and one is made up,” he told the crowd.

Social media users were quick to chime in on that one too.

And Donald Trump made a prediction.

Carmine Sabia


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