Fox News’ George Will has a theory about why Trump hasn’t released his tax returns

George Will being George Will

These country music superstars didn’t want cops backstage. Then they asked for a police escort

“It’s not something that we’re mandated to do.”

Black Lives Matter group segregates media by race, demanding ‘white people to the back!’

“We are not afraid to put people out!” the woman shouted. “White people to the back! Black people to the front!”

Anthony Weiner challenges Donald Trump Jr. to a specific fight, so he can ‘beat him like a rented mule’

Too soon Anthony!!! You probably shouldn’t be talking about beating anything ever again.

DNC backdrop looks shockingly like the last visual Hillary needs; an inconvenient coincidence?

No way!

FL Rep. Alan Grayson’s response to reporter’s question about domestic violence charge was priceless

Florida Democrat Alan Grayson thinks tough questions from the media are something other people should be confronted with, according to his tirade against a Politico reporter who asked about […]

Oh, brother: MSNBC’s Scarborough says Michelle Obama ‘reminds me of Ronald Reagan’

Come on, Joe!

C-SPAN gets trolled on air when a caller is asked about the Democratic convention

A miss for that phone screener.

‘Be quiet . . .’ – Trump derails NBC reporter trying to shill for Hillary during presser

“I know you want to save her.”

Former NY Rep. Anthony Weiner throws a hissy fit when reporter asks about Huma’s security clearance


Trump expected to strip record number of votes from demographic Hillary thought she had tied up

GOP nominee Donald Trump might be cracking into one of Hillary Clinton’s once trusted demographics.

Trump looks directly into the camera, sends a message to Putin – and it’s cracking everyone up

During a press conference Wednesday, Trump spoke directly to Russian President Vladimir Putin

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