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Wow, Michelle Obama just told the DNC that all lives matter and no one blinked – someone call Shep Smith!

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It seems like just yesterday that first lady Michelle Obama was telling everyone how mean the United States was, but according to her speech Monday night at the Democratic National Convention, America “is the greatest country on Earth.”

The first lady also made a remark that should have Black Lives Matter supporters as well as Fox News anchor Shepard Smith seeing red.

Is she trying to say that all lives matter? It sure sounds like it, and Shep Smith really laid into former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal for saying those very words in response to recent police shootings.

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Without actually naming him, Obama took several shots at Donald Trump. Her remark about America was in direct response to Trump’s “Make America great again” campaign slogan.

NBC Nightly News tweeted:

During her husband’s first run for the presidency, the first lady said that for the first time in her adult life she was proud of her country, although the then-Sen. Obama claimed it needed to be fundamentally reformed.

None of this was lost on anyone.

And that remark released all the snark from people listing all the things that make America so great to Michelle Obama.

Finally she said that a president can’t be “thin-skinned,” and tweeps noted that it described her husband to a t.

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