Philly mayor pushed to take down ‘racist’ Mississippi flag for Dem convention: ‘Big Tent party my arse!’

Progressives continue to not only show complete disdain for history, but to also demand that anything they dislike be outlawed.

The latest example of this occurred in Philadelphia, the host city of the Democratic National Convention.

Their beef? They want the Mississippi flag welcoming that state’s delegates to be removed because of its likeness to the Confederate flag’s stars and bars.

And that brought on the snark from more conservative, straight-thinking people.

And all good Democratic politicians listen whenever the feelings of their liberal constituents are bruised. The Washington Post’s Joel Achenbach reported:

The flag removal appeared to have the approval of the local Democratic Party, all of which brought on scorn.

Perhaps those same whiny liberals should bring this up to the presumptive Democratic nominee. Oops!

Progressives’ real problem, however, is that they’re just plain miserable and want to see everyone else the same.

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