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Oops! Elizabeth Warren’s one-liner was a VERY bad choice after email leaks, no wonder she was heckled

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What was she thinking?

Hillary Clinton’s attack dog, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren came out swinging Wednesday night, launching jab after jab at Republican nominee Donald Trump – it’s just too bad for her many of them were drowned out by hecklers.

The Democratic National Convention got off to a more-than-rocky start with the WikiLeaks release of insider emails that implicated DNC officials in “rigging the system” in order to make sure Hillary would win the nomination at all costs.

Bernie Sanders fans, already sore, and suspecting all along this was the case came out in droves to protest the DNC on its first day. Which is why it’s curious that of all the taglines Warren could have used in her speech she chose this one:

Well, duh!

Warren’s lecture about “rigged systems” couldn’t have come at worse timing, and Sanders supporters began to drowned her out with chants of “We trusted you!” and “boos.”

Elizabeth Warren Heckled With Chants of ‘We… by DailyPolitics

But Donald Trump himself could have summed it up the best:

Warren’s “sad” speech can be watched below:

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