DNC apologizes to Bernie for ‘inexcusable’ acts AFTER it gets caught; standard procedure for Dems

“Do whatever ‘inexcusable’ thing it takes and apologize if you get caught” has been a life-long motto for the Democratic Party’s chosen leader.

Bernie Sanders is the latest high-profile victim.

The Democratic National Committee offered the Vermont senator an apology after a release of emails by WikiLeaks which exposed controversial discussions.

DNC officials were caught trying to manipulate Sanders’ campaign during the primaries in an effort to swing the outcome in favor of his rival Hillary Clinton, the hacked emails revealed. WikiLeaks published the emails just days ahead of the start of the Democratic National Convention, now underway in Philadelphia.

Fallout from the email revelations sparked angry backlash at the Convention by Sanders supporters, leading to the resignation of DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Monday.

The DNC published a statement apologizing to Sanders and his supporters for the “inexcusable” emails.

The Convention has had a rocky start due to the acrimony between Clinton and Sanders followers, with even the senator receiving some negative feedback Monday as he attempted to rally his delegates to support Clinton.

Clinton is expected to be named the official Democratic presidential candidate this week.

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Frieda Powers


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