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Bernie Sanders’ wife gives raging fans a flash of hope with hot mic moment

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A hot mic moment got hyped-up Bernie Sanders supporters even more in a tizzy on the first day of the chaotic Democratic National Convention.

While Bernie tried to quell growing tension among his fans and delegates, his wife Jane Sanders, came up and whispered a couple of words to her husband that were meant to be private.

“They don’t know your name is being out on the nomination, and that’s what concerns…” Jane was heard on a live mic.

Her words were quickly picked up and spread on social media, before Sanders campaign spokesman Michael Briggs confirmed what she said.

Sadly, for budding socialists everywhere, their hope was – or at least should be – short lived.

Sanders name on the ballot, even with a roll call vote, means little more than show. Hillary Clinton’s name was added in 2008 when she lost against Barack Obama in the same vein.

There is one glaring difference however – Hillary didn’t have the enormous grassroots support then, like Sanders does today. In 2008 and 2016, her name was hoisted to the nomination ballot courtesy, the DNC.

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