Video: Bernie supporter reveals what’s in store for Democrat Party, and it’s scary stuff if you’re a Dem

If the Democrats thought this whole rigging the primary for Hillary Clinton thing was going to just go away, they might want to listen to this guy.

NBC News correspondent Jacob Rascon spoke to a Sanders supporter, and protest organizer, after Democrat National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz stepped aside as head of the DNC.

He had an ominous warning for the Democrats that could severely affect Hillary Clinton’s effort to defeat Donald Trump.

“If you do not nominate Bernie Sanders you will see a massive deregistration of the Democratic party,” he said.

Last week the Democrats were giddy over one speech in which Sen. Ted Cruz didn’t endorse Donald Trump.

They won’t be laughing this week.


Not so funny anymore, hon? Wasserman Schultz’s cocky tweet to RNC chair bites her in the a**.

Hillary HIRES Wasserman Schultz after she’s shunned by DNC for emails; sets Sanders supporters on fire!

After DNC replaces DWS with Donna Brazile, it turns out SHE’s implicated in Wikileaks emails too.

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