After DNC replaces DWS with Donna Brazile, it turns out SHE’s implicated in Wikileaks emails too

On Saturday Debbie Wassermann Schultz lost her job because of her role in the Wikileaks email scandal, that showed the Democrat National Committee was in the tank for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.

Her interim replacement, Donna Brazile, predicted on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday that many people would be damaged by the leaks.

As it turns out she might be one of them, as Wikileaks tweeted out some emails that show Brazile was not a big fan of Sanders either.

Before those tweets, Brazile told “This Week” that she peronally apologized to the Sanders camp.

“I went over yesterday to see the Sanders campaign,” she said. “And I apologized. I think, the allegations, the emails, the insensitivity, the stupidity needs to be addressed and we are going the address it.”

It must have been one hell of an apology.


Not so funny anymore, hon? Wasserman Schultz’s cocky tweet to RNC chair bites her in the a**.

Hillary HIRES Wasserman Schultz after she’s shunned by DNC for emails; sets Sanders supporters on fire!

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