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Texas releases ‘Most Wanted’ list & the criminals are all ‘white.’ Then people get a closer look…

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Many people were surprised in early June when they discovered Texas’ 10 Most Wanted fugitives list contained only “white” suspects.

That changed when one Reddit user did some investigating and found that the “white” designation didn’t tell the entire story.

In a post on July 12, it was posted that the Texas Department of Public Safety categorizes Hispanics as whites, the Washington Post reported.

The same criteria, however, is not applied to victims in the Bureau of Justice’s Criminal Victimization Report, which reports to the U.S. Department of Justice. Victims can be separated by race and ethnicity.

“For victimization the Bureau of Justice releases a Criminal Victimization Report (2014), which includes racial categories of black, white, Hispanic and other,” the Reddit user, who goes by the name Reborn, wrote. “This obviously makes it appear that whites are responsible for a much greater share of violence than is actually the case, and on the other side it makes it seem like the percentage of black crime has gone down relative to the other races.”

The entire 10 most wanted list reads as follows:

  • Benjamin Dominguez (white): Wanted for indecency with a child by exposure, probation violation. Gang affiliation: Barrio Azteca.
  • Raul Ambrosios Jimenez Jr. (white): Wanted for sexual assault of a child, traffic of person under 18 – prostitution, probation Violation. Gang affiliation: Texas Syndicate.
  • Justin Lane Slatton Jr. (white): Wanted for murder (2 Counts) and burglary of building. Gang affiliation: Latin Kings.
  • Freddie Alaniz (white): Wanted for murder, sexual assault of a child, possession of marijuana.
  • Jose Fernando Bustos-Diaz (white): Flight-escape to avoid prosecution for homicide.
  • Jamie Gonzalez (white): Wanted for possession of child pornography, unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.
  • Israel Aguirre (white): Wanted for murder.
  • Eusebio Deleon (white): Wanted for murder and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.
  • Iris Iliana Rodriguez (white): Wanted for indecency with a child by sexual contact, indecency with a child, unlawful restraint, harassment.
  • Tommy Dale Sells Jr. (white): Wanted for aggravated sexual assault of child under 14 (2 Counts), indecency with child by contact.

The only person on the list who appears to actually be white is Tommy Dale Sells, Jr., according to the Post.

Carmine Sabia


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