The nation was riveted when NY woman vanished from campsite. Now, police file charges–against her

Photo credit Facebook.
Photo credit Facebook.

A New York woman who claimed she was kidnapped from a campsite has been slapped with charges.

Rachael Mattice, 24, told authorities she was abducted from the site and held hostage for two weeks in a woodshed, but police have determined the story was concocted, according to the New York Post:

On July 18, a man came forward and told police he gave Mattice a ride to a camp in Canada Lake, N.Y., which belonged to a relative of her boyfriend. Two other people were able to confirm the man’s account and police later found the evidence didn’t add up.


Mattice went missing on June 23 and returned to her mother’s home on July 6, when she began to tell the tale of her supposed kidnapping, the Post reported.

Authorities told the Post that the search cost them “well into the six figures” and man hours following more than 400 leads.

She even gave police a detailed description of her abductor.

“Nothing Mattice said happened. It’s all made up,” New York State Troop G commander, William Keeler, told the local ABC affiliate.

Police are also looking to see if Mattice stole prescription drugs from the company she works for as a home health aide.

Mattice is sticking to her story, the Post reported, and is due in court on Aug. 9.

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