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Michael Moore’s message to liberals after Hillary’s VP pick is fantastic–if you’re not a Democrat

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Liberal Michael Moore is not too ecstatic about Hillary Clinton’s selection for a running mate, suggesting that Sen. Tim Kaine will not “excite” the base the way Donald Trump’s choice of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence did.

Aside from idea that of the many ways to describe Pence, “exciting” may not be among them, the rotund filmmaker took to social media to express these thoughts about Clinton’s pick:

But in suggesting that Kaine will not excite the left-wing Democratic base to go to the polls, Moore does not seem to grasp that he’s all but telling Bernie Sanders supporters to stay home.

A development that would help Republican nominee Donald Trump, who’s not above adding a little fuel that fire, as seen in these responses to Clinton announcing her vice presidential pick:



Nevertheless, as social media user Tom Maxwell noted, perhaps Hillary just doesn’t like Bernie Sanders’ supporters all that much:

Tom Tillison


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