CNN contributor brings up ‘Dora the Explorer’ to slam Hillary’s VP pick–the reaction is explosive

CNN commentator, and Donald Trump supporter, Scottie Nell Hughes doesn’t want to have to watch Nickelodeon cartoons to understand what is said at the Democrat national convention.

Judging by Tim Kaine’s speech on Saturday, we all better brush up on our foreign language skills if we are going to live in the Democrats’ America.

“What Mr. Trump did, he spoke in a language all Americans can understand — that is English,” Hughes said. “I didn’t have to get a translator for anything that was going on at the (Republican National Convention) this week. And I’m hoping I’m not going to have to start brushing up on my ‘Dora the Explorer’ to understand some of the speeches given this week.”

“Dora The Explorer” is a cartoon character on Nickelodeon who sometimes speaks Spanish to her young audience in an effort to teach them the language.

CNN commentator Bakari Sellers, a Clinton supporter, attacked Hughes over the remark because social justice warriors cannot take a quip.

“Last week, we saw the demonization of certain cultures in this community, even comparing Spanish to ‘Dora the Explorer,'” Sellers said.

Hughes promptly apologized on Twitter.

Many Republicans would disagree, Ms. Hughes.

Tell us what you think. Should she have apologized?

Carmine Sabia


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