News media kept using one word over & over to describe Trump’s RNC speech–and it’s not by accident

Conjuring up images of “JournoList,” the private Google Groups forum of liberal media sources critics say helped shape the 2008 election, newspapers and cable news outlets kept using the same word to criticize Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention.


Two such example, as provided by Politico:

“Donald Trump Takes America on a Journey to the Dark Side,” read NBC News’ headline.

For The New York Times: “His Tone Dark, Donald Trump Takes GOP Mantle.”


To be fair, Politico noted that its own Shane Goldmacher described Trump’s address as “a deeply negative speech that described a darkening America.”

The New York Times talked about Trump’s “dark vision of America” … the Washington Post used the term “apocalyptic.”

CNN ran with an on-screen banner in its morning-after coverage: “Was Donald Trump’s speech too dark?”

It goes on and on.

From The Nation: “Donald Trump’s Angry, Dark Speech Caps Off a Disastrous RNC.”

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes hit the “dark” narrative early on, describing the address from an embargoed copy of the speech provided to the media:

The only problem is, Americans seemed to love the speech, but that didn’t stop the media from throwing shade on it and making it out to have an “apocalyptic” tone. CNN went so far as to bury its own poll about the speech after respondents told the cable news network what they really thought.

A response that did not play into the quickly established narrative of doom.

A narrative the liberal media picked up across the board, which Americans are supposed to believe was pure coincidence.

Tom Tillison


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