Hillary responds to Ted Cruz’s RNC speech by uttering 4 words she thought she’d ‘never say’

Thanks to the Republican National Convention, Hillary Clinton found herself saying words she never imagined she would utter.

“I mean, I never thought I would say these words, but Ted Cruz was right,” the presumptive Democratic nominee said at a rally at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa on Friday.

Video from Fox 10 Phoenix.

“I mean, something has gone terribly wrong when one speaker says ‘vote your conscience’ and gets booed,” she said.

In his address to the RNC on Wednesday, Cruz was booed after he refused to endorse Donald Trump and told Republicans to “vote your conscience” in November.

“Did any of you watch that convention in Cleveland?” Clinton asked the Tampa crowd. “Well, you know, it was kind of perversely flattering. It’s hard to believe they spent so much time talking about me and no time talking about jobs or education or health care.”

Clinton continued her speech by criticizing Trump and the rhetoric of the GOP convention.

“I think we can all agree that never in the history of conventions, certainly, but I think even more broadly, have we moved forward together by pointing fingers and scapegoating and blaming people instead of rolling up our sleeves, getting a plan together and then working to achieve it.”

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