A Cleveland protester lit the American flag on fire at RNC. It doesn’t end well for him…

The atmosphere outside the Quicken Loans Arena turned volatile on Wednesday when police moved to put an end to a flag-burning episode.

Doing what they excel at, hating America, hard left provocateurs outside the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland made a feeble attempt to burn an American flag — the task almost proved to be too daunting for them — as police rushed in to extinguish the flames.

In the end, police arrested 17 people, according to CBS New York.

The Cleveland Police department’s blunt — and unbeliveable — tweet took off like, well, wildfire:

clev tweet

Meanwhile, video was shot at the chaotic scene…

You’re on fire! You’re on fire, stupid!” a police officer shouted at a protester while trying to extinguish the flames, CBS New York reported.

“Stupid” being the operative word, of course.

Many of the protesters were reportedly part of a revolutionary communist group and wore t-shirts emblazoned with the words: “Revolution — Nothing Less!”

Two of the 17 people arrested were charged with felonious assault on an officer after police moved in to confiscate the flag, Reuters reported.

Tom Tillison


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