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WATCH: BLM protesters taunt cops with toy guns outside GOP convention

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As raucous as the scene might be inside the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, events outside the 2016 Republican National Convention venue are taking on a real circus atmosphere.

…to include Black Lives Matter protesters waving toy guns in police officers’ faces.

In the aftermath of the assassination of five cops in Dallas and another three in Baton Rouge in just over a week, a black man taunted police Tuesday outside the convention.

Wearing a t-shirt with a message about Tamir Rice that included the term “pigs” in reference to police, the “protester” walked in front of a line of cops waving a neon-green toy gun, stopping along the way to stare the officers down.

Rice was the 12-year-old boy brandishing a realistic-looking toy gun who was shot and killed by an officer in November 2014.

Adding to the disgusting quality of the protester’s display, he appeared to be accompanied by more than one small child.

All of which prompted one social media user to respond with an obvious question… that has an even more obvious answer:

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