Glenn Beck has a theory about what happened to Melania’s speech & exactly why it happened

Glenn Beck has his own theories as to why Melania Trump’s speech Monday night at the GOP convention bore some striking similarities to first lady Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech.

Beck suggested Tuesday on his radio program “somebody sabotaged” the Trumps.

“I don’t think Donald Trump or Melania had anything to do with it,” he said of the speech that included content similar to Obama’s previous speech.

Bear in mind that Beck has been anything but an avid supporter of Donald Trump, opting to support Sen. Ted Cruz in the Republican primary.

And while he has little reason to run interference for the Republican nominee, the conservative firebrand offered a more sinister take on what he called “blatant plagiarism.”

“I think somebody sabotaged them,” Beck said. “I think this was done intentionally. No good speechwriter does that.”

He went on to say that whoever is responsible for the speech made Trump’s wife “out to be a fool,” and suggested the person included a “rick-roll” moment as “a signature” to say it was intentional.

As far out there as his reasoning may be for some, it comes up short of a claim by an NBC reporter that the speech forced the Trump campaign into “save my marriage” mode.

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Tom Tillison


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