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‘I can’t move on, because you keep lying’: Words CNN’s Chris Cuomo tells Trump manager, but not Hillary!

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It’s not very often a campaign manager for a party’s presidential nominee gets called a liar on national television.

…at least not for Democrats.

In a display of candor seldom seen from a cable news host outside the opinion shows, CNN “New Day” host Chris Cuomo accused Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump‘s campaign manager Paul Manafort of “lying” about Melania Trump’s convention speech.


The two men got in a heated exchange on Wednesday after Cuomo rebuked Manafort “for refusing to acknowledge something that’s true,” telling Trump’s campaign manager he doesn’t like it that he “got caught with some of some of Michelle Obama’s language in the speech.”

On his soap box, Cuomo went on to say that the campaign has “a pattern of denying the obvious” — at least, obvious from the media’s standpoint.

Manafort, who denies Melania’s speech “cribbed” words from Obama, responded by saying the media’s preoccupied with things that are not true and called on Cuomo to “move on.”

“But I can’t move on because you keep lying about it so I can’t move on from it,” a frustrated Cuomo replied. “Because I have to talk about what is true.”

“Chris, I’m not lying about anything,” Manafort said in return.

Can anyone recall a similar exchange with Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook? Right… who?

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