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Chris Christie takes one for team Trump; spends morning dodging embarrassing insults!

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Team Trump is going to owe Chris Christie another dinner for this one.

Appearing on the “Today Show,” the New Jersey Governor vehemently defended Melania Trump against the growing accusation of plagiarism.

Melania, had delivered a riveting speech at the GOP Convention Monday night, but it was quickly overshadowed when it became apparent a passage sounded very similar to a part of a speech delivered by Michelle Obama in 2008.

Christie chalked it up to “common thoughts” and pointed out that “93 percent” of Melania’s speech didn’t resemble Michelle Obama’s at all.

Unfortunately for Christie, that excuse wasn’t good enough for a lot of people.

Christie also stopped by CNN to double-down in his defense saying, “I don’t belive that last night sounded like anything other than Melania Trump.”

And the majority of feedback was still brutal:

But it’s not all bad news for Christie this morning.

The Trump team as come out in force to denounce the allegations, and they do have support.


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