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In 18 months, 63 cops have been killed. Why isn’t everyone asking the powerful question Greta just asked?

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After the murder of three Baton Rouge police officers on Sunday a frustrated Greta Van Susteren asked what we are doing to protect police officers.

“We hire police to protect us, but after all that’s been happening to them shouldn’t we now be asking ourselves what are we doing to protect innocent police?” she asked. “This should be a two-way street. They help us. We should be helping them.”

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Our grief is not doing anything to protect officers, she said.

“What about the politicians? What are they doing? Some are going to funerals, and that’s really nice,” she said. “But it’s not stopping the murder of innocent police.”

The Fox News host lamented the number of police that have been killed in the last 18 months, 63, and said Americans are “falling short” of our duty to protect them.

“Police across the nation have every right to be disappointed is us,” she said.

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