Hot actor speaking at convention has a special message for celebs who want to leave US when Trump wins

Model, actor and immigrant Antonio Sabato, Jr. has broken out of the Hollywood liberal mold and out of the Democrat party.

On Monday night he will speak at the Republican national convention in support of Donald Trump, and on Monday morning he told “Fox & Friends” why he left the Democrat Party to do so.

“That doesn’t exist anymore. That party is gone,” he said. “Right now we’re talking about liberals who are mostly socialist and very (hypocritical) and they have a lot of ignorance.”

Sabato said he was a fan of President Reagan but became a Democrat as he got older and supported former President Bill Clinton.

“But then you start having kids and a family and you start looking at things differently and you start seeing things the way they are,” he said. “I haven’t liked the Democrat party for a while.”

He said that being born in Rome and immigrating to America gave him even more of an appreciation for the United States.

“I love this country so much b because of what it’s done for me and my family,” he said. “I guess I love it even more than somebody that was born here because I appreciate and respect it and I’ve been seeing for the last seven years what this president (and his) administration have done and it’s disgraceful.”

And he had a special message for celebrities who said they are going to move out of America if Trump is elected president.

“Go ahead move. See you later.”

Carmine Sabia


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