Employee at Baton Rouge Mexican restaurant accused of spitting in police officers’ drinks

A group of law enforcement officers was allegedly treated to a vile surprise when they decided to dine at a Baton Rouge, Louisiana Mexican restaurant on Saturday.

According to the Louisiana Law Enforcement Support Facebook page, the officers received the beverages they ordered at the Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant, and it appeared an employee had spit in them.

Louisiana Law Enforcement Support

The report claimed the manager acknowledged to the officers that an employee did spit in the drinks but refused to say which employee did it.

But hours later, in response to a slew of negative reviews on Facebook, the restaurant defended itself by claiming that what the officers actually saw was undissolved sugar in one of the officer’s iced tea.

Not many people bought that excuse, and the post has since been deleted.

On Sunday one of the restaurant’s  owners said police they have reviewed surveillance footage and did not see anyone tamper with the officer’s beverages.

He said that they appreciate law enforcement and even have a special “police” button on the cash register that gives uniformed officers a 50 percent discount.

Las Palmas Baton Rouge

Below is a sampling of some of the anger being directed at the establishment on social media.

Las Palmas 1

Las Palmas

Las Palmas

Las Palmas

Las Palmas

Las Palmas

Baton Rouge has been a hotbed of anti-police protests since white officers shot black suspect Alton Sterling dead earlier this month as it appeared, according to the officers, that he was reaching for a gun in his pocket.

On Sunday three police officers were killed, and another three injured, in an ambush-style attack in the city.

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