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You’ll never guess who called Bill O’Reilly’s show to talk about Nice. Hint: her initials are HRC

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Giving proof that hell has indeed frozen over, Hillary Clinton phoned in to “The O’Reilly Factor” Thursday to discuss that evening’s terror attack in Nice, France.

“It’s terrible that France has faced too much tragedy and violence and we need to stand strongly with them,” the former secretary of state said, ignoring host Bill O’Reilly’s question as to whether she would, as president, ask for a declaration of war against the jihadist groups.

“This is a war against these terrorist groups, these radical jihadist groups,” she added.

The Fox News host asked Clinton if she’d be opposed to invoking Article V of the NATO charter to declare war against the Islamic State and other jihadist groups.

“One of my priorities is to launch an intelligence surge,” she said. “We still do not have enough intelligence cooperation between our agencies and those in other countries, including in Europe, and we need to have a focal point…in NATO.”

Clinton added that European countries have been reluctant in the past to share intelligence with U.S. agencies.

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee then suggested that she’d be opposed to the use of U.S. ground troops to engage in a war against terrorists.

“It is a dream of ISIS to pull American ground troops into” the fight, she said. “We have been able to get the Iraqis, the Kurds and others to do a much better job of fighting.”

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Clip via Fox News Channel


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