Trump super-fan turns house into giant campaign sign–hands out bumper stickers to passersby!

Sometimes it isn’t obvious who people support for this upcoming election for president, but for one Youngstown, Ohio, woman her support is beyond doubt after she redecorated a home she owns with a giant American flag and placed a 12-foot-long Trump sign out in front of it.

Homeowner Leslie Rossi made her support entirely obvious after redecorating her home in glorious red, white, and blue paint and putting up several Donald Trump yard signs.

Several days a week Rossi even stands outside the building handing out Trump hats and bumper stickers to rally the voters for her candidate. And she said she gets a lot of notice from passersby.

“Here we’ll get a lot of honks and waves,” Rossi told the local CBS news. “Sometimes I’ll get a thumbs down. But we’ll just wave anyway. Sometimes they’ll yell for the candidate they’re for, if it’s different.”

The Trump supporter said that she felt her display was a positive way to advocate for her candidate.

But when asked what she would do with the building after the election, Rossi noted that she and her husband intend to restore the place. The paint scheme would eventually be painted over for a more traditional look, she said.


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