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Texas Lt. Gov. asks Obama not to condemn police before facts are known. Yeah, that didn’t end well

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Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick challenged President Obama about his treatment of police, asking him not to be so quick in condemning law enforcement before all the facts are known.

Patrick accused Obama of being “too quick to condemn the police” in an ABC town hall on Thursday.

“I’m concerned that police officers across the country, they know you support law enforcement, of course. But do they really in their heart feel like you’re doing everything you can to protect their lives?” he asked Obama.

Patrick reminded the president of his words the previous day when he had said  “tensions between the police and between black America” would only get worse.

“Words matter. Your words matter much more than mine,” Patrick said. “I would ask you to consider being careful when there is an incident of not being too quick to condemn the police without due process and until the facts are known.”

Patrick also took a moment to ask Obama “to consider putting on the blue lights” upon his return to the White House. “You’ve done it for other groups. Let’s send a strong message,” he said, referring to Obama ignoring police requests to illuminate the building in blue light as a show of support and respect.

The commander in chief delivered a stern reply, renouncing the notion that he had not done enough to support law enforcement across the nation.

“I have been unequivocal in condemning any rhetoric directed at police officers. You’d have to find any message that did not include a very strong support for law enforcement,” Obama said.

“I appreciate the sentiment, I think it’s already being expressed,” he told Patrick, adding with a hint of sarcasm,  “I’ll be happy to send it to you, in case you missed it.”

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Video from ABC News.




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