Obama might want to rethink how ‘dramatically’ race relations have improved when he sees this new poll

Not a lot of hope and change going on here…

Trump super-fan turns house into giant campaign sign–hands out bumper stickers to passersby!

“I get lots of honks and waves.”

It’s a landslide: RNC crushes ‘Never Trump’ movement in contentious hearing

Is it finally over? Speculation has run rampant for months with members of the dissatisfied #NeverTrump movement vowing to derail the nomination of GOP front runner Donald […]

Sheriff says owner of diner told officers they weren’t welcome back – but it gets worse, way worse!

“Simply could not believe what he was hearing…”

Black Lives Matter agitators livid Nice terror attack disrupted their ‘Day of Rage’

“All this death in the world only matters when it isn’t a brown body.”

Hillary tries to tell a funny about ‘Pokemon Go’ that you just have to see to believe

Stick to emails, Hillary.

Donald Trump’s unconventional VP announcement is followed by an avalanche of reaction

Everything is controversial with Trump.

Fed-up citizens ignite CHILLING social media campaign; THIS is what’s at stake for the free-world

“We demand the end of the social mainstream where commonsense yields to political correctness.”

Geraldo’s FURIOUS with Obama: I don’t want condolences, I want him to get off his a** and do something!

“Because you are so proud of your policy and stubbornly insist…”

Texas Lt. Gov. asks Obama not to condemn police before facts are known. Yeah, that didn’t end well

“I would ask you to consider being careful…”

Newt bluntly tells America that Muslims who believe in Sharia MUST GO; sparks media firestorm

“Let me be as blunt and direct as I can be.”

President Obama faces fiery blowback at race town hall: BLM activist starts screaming as taping ends

“They shut out all the real and hard questions.”