Outcry after 75-year-old white man is beaten unconscious by young black male on NYC street

A 75 year-old white man was beaten until he was unconscious by a young black man who was seemingly just passing by.

To make matters worse, the young male was accompanied by a woman who watched on lookout in the attack that had no clear motive.

According to NBC News, the man was in Greenwich Village, New York City when he was attacked by the couple, who police are currently looking for.

The victim was in front of a building on West 14th Street Wednesday when a man punched him in the back of his head and then knocked him to the ground. The man then kicked him in the face, knocking him out, police said. A woman stood by as a lookout as the beating took place.

Police said it doesn’t appear the suspects robbed the man and no words were exchanged.

The elderly man was taken to a nearby hospital with a cut to his head and was listed as being in stable condition.

Now, social media users are demanding the incident be classified as a “hate crime.” Take a look:

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